About FCCM

This is my final project in online journalism for my MA course at the University of Westminster, London.

The website in itself, is an introduction to creative and culturally significant initiatives based on the concepts of free culture and open source.

It tells the stories of talented and enterprising individuals who are using digital technologies, and the ease of access afforded by the Internet to challenge the conventional ways of accessing, creating and distributing content.

In the true nature of free culture, these separate accounts come together in the longer narrative about the free culture movement in itself.

The aim of this project is to examine the worth of these new methods of creation and the resulting products. Through individual examples, I attempt to question cultural, social, legal and economic aspects of the movement.

At the same time, a lot of the concepts upon which the free culture or even the open source movement are built, are dismissed by traditional media as illegal or inconsequential. I hope to challenge this representation. I suggest that everything that has been assumed to be 'wrong' could alternatively be seen as a legitimate lifestyle, and a lifestyle with the potential to become the dominant practice rather than a sub-culture.

It was important for me to base my stories on everyday people with big ideas. Pioneers and stars who do not necessarily fit the stereotype of 'celebrity' in our mainstream media.

It was a conscious decision to steer away from too much detail on the legal arguments around copyright law. Nor do I discuss free or open source software. While these are significant sections on any discourse on free culture or OS, I don't believe I am the most qualified to talk about it, at least not on this platform.

Parallel to this, FCCM turned out to be an interesting (albeit small scale) experiment in journalism built on free culture and OS. Can news gathering and dissemination be based on content sourced from multiple, amateur multimedia sources, and can this go beyond just a blog?

Where possible, I used code and software available under Creative Commons or Open Source licenses to build this website.

I apologise for any errors that may have slipped in. Please do contact me to let me know if you believe that I've got something wrong. And of course, I'd love to hear that you've liked the work done on this website too.

Thanks for visiting!

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Thank you-s

To everyone who took the time to answer my questions, while also reminding me of the questions I should have been asking.

To everyone who offered feedback on elements of design and content.

Much obliged!



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