I'm Karunya. Hello.



I’m a multimedia journalist with strong subediting and web development skills, looking to build a career in online media.

I read and I write, I ask and listen, and I enjoy how the world looks from behind pictures and words. 

When it comes to questions of intellectual property, alternate licensing, civil liberties and Nadal v. Federer, I'm more than a little opinionated.

As for my rather young journalistic battle wounds....

I am a subeditor and reporter for The Hindu in Bangalore, covering stories of local and regional interest.

In the summer of 2009, I interned with BBC World Service Radio in London.

I graduated from the University of Westminster, London with a Masters in International Broadcast Journalism, in 2009, with specialisations in online and sports journalism.

I came into the course having studied at Mt. Carmel College, Bangalore. I have a background in journalism, film, advertising, media law, media theory, developmental communications, psychology and literature.

I've been on the editorial teams of our college radio station and university magazines; I was also managing editor for the online magazine mindZgap.

I've also written for children's books and multimedia, and I hope that makes me someone's favourite Aunt Karunya.

And now that I've taught myself some basic coding, I can build some pretty decent websites.

Do please contact me for a full CV.